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This is the main page. I’d always meant to create a Torlindl Wiki, and now I can.

Anyone canedit this page. I’ve created a few broad categories below. Feel free to add your own, or add notes to any of the existing ones.

History of Torlindl

Here’s some historical notes on the continent. A few important events include:

Places of Note

The Factions

Conspiracies abound, and sometimes it’s hard to know the players without a program. Thanks to Obsidian Portal, we now have a program. It still may be hard to know the players, though. First of all there’s King Ta’an who seems determined to take over the world. He seems to be working with both The Drow and the Pendwy Bard’s Guild, who may or may not be related, either through cooperation or feud with the Silent Voice, an assassin’s guild that operates in at least a few of The Five Kingdoms.

He also seems to have corrupted, or been corrupted by, the Paladins of Pelor.

The Drow, it seems, may be fighting against the Illithid, who may or may not have come to Torlindl pursuing their ancient enemy the Talaire. The Gith seem to want to destroy them both.

Of course, then there’s also Queen Yisha, the Necromancer Queen, and her daughter, who once tried to kidnap an innocent dragon.

There’s also the Cult of Tarrarril, who may be being manipulated by the Talaire. At least two Dreamwalkers who may be Talaire themselves, have taken an active interest in the party, who has intercepted communications between them. When they were last heard from, they were heading to the Pirates of the Black Flag, who have reclaimed their former home on Carralon, the island upon which it is said the Mad God Magradora, aka Madragola has been imprisoned.

The party has split up, with one member remaining in Tenn, one in the Forest of Dragons, and two more heading to Crossroads to meet with The Griffon, a bandit who has been working with Engel the Laughing One, against the interests of King Ta’an.

Other important people

Aside from The Party, there are various people we’ve met, or heard about. First, there are the Heroes of the Orc War: Then there are some major players of various factions. Including:

Notes and Letters and Things.

Throughout their adventures, the PCs have come across various notes, letters, scraps of journals, and so on. Here are some of them:

Also, various characters have had various dreams.

And, some information About Goblin Society

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