Enter the Gryphon

Hobek Sel-Kord, Amber Days, 20AW

Prasht leads Our Heroes south, to the town of Tuluth, where, at long last, they meet The Gryphon in person. Eventually.

On their way there, their guide is kidnapped by Drow. Uncharacteristically, they track him down and get him back.

They slay most of the Drow, except one that they take as a prisoner. The Drider that was with them they let go on the condition that it stop attacking them.

The Gryphon tells him of strange dreams. They are familiar, but he’s been getting useful information. The most recent tells him of a band of adventurers who have found an ancient and powerful magical device that Content Not Found: taan has been searching for. He doesn’t know what it is, but knows that the King can use it to fulfill his goals.

Turning the Drow over to the Gryphon, Content Not Found: Fluffy and Friends set out to interrupt the meeting between the adventurers and the King’s Man. Who, they learn, is to be Content Not Found: tuck, the Halfling Brewmeister and chief of assassins.

They manage to find the adventurers, near a suspicious and strangely mobile woodpile. After failing to convince them that they are Tuck’s representatives, a fight ensues, leaving the adventurers lying dead on the road and Our Heroes short a few potions of healing. They quickly loot the bodies, and head back to the Gryphon, carrying their prize, an ornate rod wrapped in linen and carried in the fighter’s backpack.



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