Aruk's Tale: On to the Gryphon, Part 2
(Part 1 will be written up later)

So, We were traveling along to ask Griffon his plans so Engel could decide on whether to aid him in his battle against the king (Ta’an or some such). It became night and the human dude was all acting tired and stumbling in the dark – how do humans manage to do anything being only able to see half the day unless they’re alerting every predator to their location (“Yo, see the light, tasty soft food here”). Anyway, we camped and we drew lots for watch, or rather I told Prasht he’d have first watch because Zakar needed to refresh his spells. I told him to wake me if there was any problems. You would think that was a clear enough instruction.

Morning comes and I feel great. When I do a quick survey, I realize that there’s a half-orc, an elf and a wolf. Now I am no great thinker, but I am pretty sure that this translates into no human. We look around and find signs of a struggle. Evidently the human had a different definition of “trouble” than I do.

Now the human was supposed to take us to the griffon and someone took him. This was annoying. Zakar and Fluffy took point (a Druid and Wolf should be able to track right?) and sure enough we found the trail and followed it. They weren’t very good woodsmen. They did try to lay a false trail (or they got lost and had to backtrack, whatever) and then crossed a river. Up in the trees, a couple of crossbowmen were attempting to hide.

I assumed that Zakar had seen them as well, and charged the closest tree. They fired, and one of the shots was actually on track to hit me. A snagged it, focused my ki and landed on the branch with the closest crossbowman. I am sure I smelled him shitting his pants as 6’6’’ of half-orc fury landed on the branch in front of him. Just to let him know that he wasn’t dreaming, I smacked him a good one. He loaded his bow so I smacked him again. When he fired, I caught the bolt again – I really need to learn how to stab people in the neck with their own arrows – but I was shot by the other one.

Fortunately, Zakar and Fluffy distracted him from shooting me any more. After slapping the crossbowman silly, he fell out of the tree. I don’t think Drow necks are supposed to bend like that. Fluffy was snapping at the other bowman but hadn’t hit yet. I focused my ki and jumped onto the other guys branch in his tree (about 30’ away) – god I love doing that. I hit him a bit and then next thing I know, he went straight down, one leg bending & snapping since it hadn’t cleared the branch. Seems having a dire wolf attached to your leg accelerates gravity.

Drow are difficult to interrogate, they mouth off and you hit them and they start dying again. Fortunately, stabilize is a cantrip. Unfortunately, he told us that Prasht was dead. We forgot to stabilize him after he told us that.

Following the trail became easier, once past the ambush. Drow are notoriously overconfident in their skills. We could also tell that the Drow had lied to us or the others were carrying a corpse for no good reason. The Druid and Fluffy decided to be all stealthy and ran through the woods parallel to the path. I took the path because I am damn near invincible, a veritable god among mortals. Sure enough, there were a couple of Drow standing in the path. I made short work of the first one, but the other one was a chick and she did some crazy Drow priestess thing which caused her touch to hurt me worse than any of the other guys had done with their weapons. I found this rather exciting, so I wrestled her to the ground, bound and gagged her. Ah, there’s nothing like rolling on the forest floor with a Drow elf chick. Once I had her bound, I went to find out what Zakar had been up to.

The path led to a clearing and there is Zakar talking to some half Drow half spider monstrosity. Really dude, you need to stop this bleeding heart thing before it really does. The Drow Spider thing (I learned it was called a Dryder later, Drow are so imaginative) had no new information, but since we weren’t fighting it I was having problems justifying killing it. I mean, it wasn’t an enemy any more, so the primary reason was gone. I couldn’t kill it for being ugly since I, as a half-orc, try to discourage that line of reasoning, and I couldn’t use the “it’s a Drow” excuse since I had a pet female Drow all tied up in the woods.

We let the Dryder go and in the cave was Prasht. I told him how disappointed I was in him for having gotten into so much trouble the moment we took our eyes off of him. We picked up my pet Drow. I took off her robe and had great fun watching her armor disintegrate in the sunlight. I then told her that she could walk or I could carry her. I then demonstrated the carry by slinging her over my shoulder and holding her in place with a rather rude and vulgar placement of my fingers. She kept up rather well.

Enter the Gryphon

Hobek Sel-Kord, Amber Days, 20AW

Prasht leads Our Heroes south, to the town of Tuluth, where, at long last, they meet The Gryphon in person. Eventually.

On their way there, their guide is kidnapped by Drow. Uncharacteristically, they track him down and get him back.

They slay most of the Drow, except one that they take as a prisoner. The Drider that was with them they let go on the condition that it stop attacking them.

The Gryphon tells him of strange dreams. They are familiar, but he’s been getting useful information. The most recent tells him of a band of adventurers who have found an ancient and powerful magical device that Content Not Found: taan has been searching for. He doesn’t know what it is, but knows that the King can use it to fulfill his goals.

Turning the Drow over to the Gryphon, Content Not Found: Fluffy and Friends set out to interrupt the meeting between the adventurers and the King’s Man. Who, they learn, is to be Content Not Found: tuck, the Halfling Brewmeister and chief of assassins.

They manage to find the adventurers, near a suspicious and strangely mobile woodpile. After failing to convince them that they are Tuck’s representatives, a fight ensues, leaving the adventurers lying dead on the road and Our Heroes short a few potions of healing. They quickly loot the bodies, and head back to the Gryphon, carrying their prize, an ornate rod wrapped in linen and carried in the fighter’s backpack.


Here’s a summary I wrote up for a few sessions ago. I’ll try to get the rest in here at some point, too :)

Lemme ‘splain. No, is too long, lemme sum up.

It all begins in an Inn, as so often it does. A child approaches, “Please, sirs,” he says to the Half-Orc and Wild Elf, “Can you help me?” His playmate “Aurelius” is missing. He has money. He gets to keep it. Well, most of it.

Investigating, they find that agents of Yisha, the Necromancer Queen, may have taken him to an old temple of Fharlanghn.

The find the temple, and the old ruins beneath it, and the cult of Tarraril using the ruins.

High priest of Tarraril is Hringrit. He was unhappy, then he was dead. He was also, according to a note found on his corpse, working for someone else. Someone who apparently doesn’t sign her letters.

Oh, yeah, they also found several zombies, and discovered the use of having a slashing weapon. Or at least, a wolf.

Also met Tirna, who knew of cult of Tarraril and was tracking them down. Asked for any information they may have.

Found a gnome, discovered slavers may have stolen child from Tarraril cult. Flindril gives them info, then they send him off.

Heading north, they meet Orc, Grilngresh, who tells them of missing Orc children. Taken by Portilna, the wizard.

They find old wizard tower, with dead people farming out front. Ask him if he’s seen the children, he says no, so that’s that.

Following wizard’s advice, they go looking for slavers to the East. Find slavers. Find Aurelius. Don’t find Orc children. Grilngresh leaves them. Oh, yeah, they also find dead Halfling spy and a drow assassin. Slavers all die, though.

Other clues lead to underground lair where bandits are hiding. So’s a drow wizard. She’s dead now, too.

Returning from the underground lair, they learn Aurelius who, by the way, is half-dragon, is gone off in search of his mother. At the same time, they learn from writings found below that, while he believes his mother to be Queen Yisha, this isn’t necessarily so.

From info gathered underground, they learn of a Drow stronghold to the east. They find it. There’s a giant stuck down there. They also found lots of Drow, now dead. Humans, already dead (except one who’s still alive but unconscious), and lots of weapons and provisions, enough for maybe a hundred men. All that’s destroyed now, too.

They are there now, at the bottom on this Drow maze, which they have nearly finished exploring.

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